Apple Management is a specialist business consultancy - we bring clarity to our clients' organizations and help them change. The outcome of our work is well-focused organizations that have a sense of urgency and accountability.

We facilitate clarity of vision and values, well-defined and detailed goals, objectives and action plans.

We coach leaders, facilitate implementation processes, train people and build high performance teams.

Through our rigorous and disciplined approach to diagnosis, planning and implementation we motivate organizations to improve their performance.

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Coaching as a Training Edge for Lawyers

If top executives use coaches to enhance their leadership skills and ability to deal with such issues as change management, teamwork, interpersonal relationships, decision-making, communication, delegation, stress management and mentoring, why canít lawyers hire business coaches to achieve similar objectives?

The ten reasons why major transformation efforts fail and what you can do about it.

This article discusses why transformation efforts frequently fail, and what steps an organization should take to achieve its strategic objectives.

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